Bulk SMS Service in Nepal

24 Jun, 2020

Bulk SMS Service


The term Bulk SMS gives us a basic idea that we can send a large number of SMS to target customers at a time or on recurring basis.


SMS service is generally provided by telecom authorities but when it comes to Bulk SMS, there are many SMS service providers in Nepal. Bulk SMS saves time and money in conveying the message to a group of people. Bulk SMS is used by many sectors like Banks, Schools, Colleges, and corporates. It is used for many purposes like SMS Marketing, sending short information to clients and employees, OTP code, and also for sending invoices.


Bulk SMS Service in Nepal

There are many Bulk SMS providers in Nepal including telecoms. SamayaSMS is the recent service provider in Nepal which was established in 2017. SamayaSMS have acquired huge client and have got an excellent response from the market in a couple of years. SamayaSMS is using the latest technologies for sending Bulk SMS. Few reasons that have made SamayaSMS popular among people are:

  • Interface: SamayaSMS have got a clean and user-friendly interface that allows customers to send bulk SMS easily.
  • Reporting: SmayaSMS have made it easy for people by reporting them real-time SMS delivery.
  • SMS for Developers: SamayaSMS provide OTP service which is used in e-commerce websites and several other web applications for verification and authentication purpose.
  • API Support: SamayaSMS provides an API for Bulk SMS which helps developers to integrate Bulk SMS in their various web applications. SamayaSMS provides both documentation and live support for integrating its API.
  • Security: SamayaSMS is loaded with security features. SamayaSMS do provide mobile number masking which helps clients in keeping their number private.
  • Transparency: SamayaSMS loves keeping everything transparent. We provide a genuine report of your credits and transactions along with real-time delivery reports.
  • Reliability: SamayaSMS is a genuine and reliable Bulk SMS Service Provider in Nepal. There are many renowned Corporates , Private sectors, School/Colleges and government bodies using SamayaSMS for their Bulk SMS needs.
  • Promotional Offers: SamayaSMS always comes with offers and gifts for its customers. Currently, they are providing 100 Free SMS on new account signup.
  • Value of money: SamayaSMS is one of the best bulk SMS providers in Nepal who provides you the proper value of each and every single paisa you spend on Bulk SMS.
  • Customer Support: SamayaSMS takes care of each and every customer. We provide top-level support in case of any difficulty.


If you are looking for a reliable Bulk SMS Provider in Nepal than once consider SamayaSMS. They are perfect form every aspect. They are the first choice of 4500’s of small businesses, corporates, and many government bodies of Nepal. Many clients have already switched from other providers to SamayaSMS and they are experiencing the best experience that they never had before.


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