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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our bulk SMS service supports personalization. You can easily merge recipient-specific information such as their name or other custom fields into your messages.

Bulk SMS service allows you to send a large number of SMS messages to multiple recipients simultaneously. You can use our platform or API integration to compose and send messages to your desired audience.

Samaya SMS is a bulk SMS service company located in Soltee Dobato - 04, Sitapaila, Kathmandu. We provide various services including Bulk SMS, Multimedia SMS, SMS API, Group SMS, Reports Tracking System, and Reseller Platform.

With Multimedia SMS, you can send various types of media such as images, videos, audio clips, or a combination of these, making your messages more engaging and interactive.

We strive for high delivery rates and have a robust infrastructure to ensure reliable message delivery. However, the actual delivery success may depend on factors like recipient network coverage and their preferences.

Yes, we offer SMS API integration that allows you to seamlessly integrate our services into your own applications, websites, or systems, enabling you to automate SMS sending processes.

We support sending group SMS to a large number of recipients simultaneously. However, there may be some limitations based on your subscription plan. Please check our pricing or contact our support team for specific details.

Yes, we have a reseller platform that enables individuals or businesses to resell our bulk SMS services under their own brand. Contact our sales team to learn more about our reseller program.

You can reach us by visiting our office at Soltee Dobato - 04, Sitapaila, Kathmandu, or you can contact us via phone at 9851316196, 9802340863 or email at [email protected]. Our support team will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

You have to provide us some information for creating the demo account which mentioned below: Company name: Contact person name: Address: Email: Contact no: Thank You !

We are 100% guaranted to secure your data with SamayaSMS. We will make the agreement between both parties for your trust and if the agreement is contrary then it will be according to the laws of Nepal.

You have to purchase minimum 2000 SMS units at once.

You can use SamayaSMS for OTP code from our powerfull APIs.

We provide plugin wordpress for your e-commercce business.

You can make your own domain whitelisted from SamayaSMS modern platform.

You have to share your Name, email and contact no. with requirment than we will share you details or you can contact us at 9851316196, 9802340863 also can email us at [email protected].

Our SMS software was devloped by GSM standerd. In English Language: 160 character means 1 SMS ( Space count 1 character, Enter count 2 characters) In Nepali/Unicode Language: 70 character means 1 SMS (Space count 1 character, Enter count 2 characters and if their is only one charecter mixed in english language SMS will be count/charge is Nepali/Unicode)

Every one years validity date will exten or renew.

When you send SMS message will delivered with in a second.

You can send 10 page to above but we suggest only 10 pageses because normal/key pad mobile will not support maximum length of message only can support android mobile.

You can schedule SMS for later delivery.

Your satisfaction is our top priority.

We are dedicated to provide you with highest level of service.
We fully respect and valued your advice & suggestions

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